I Heart Huckabees

You did. But how did
Sudan happen, ma'am?

Could it possibly be related
to dictatorships...

that we support
for some stupid reason?

- You shut up! You get out.
- You shut up. Come on. Let's get out of here.

- Later, Steve.
- God bless you.

- Wow.
- What's going on in there?

- Crazy.
- I can't believe them.

- Hi, guys.
- Oh, Christ.

[ Albert ] You guys get anything good
in there? You didn't, did you?

You hesitated over the mention of a cat.
What does that mean?

- It means nothing.Just like my coincidence.
- Cat seemed to hit a nerve.

Yeah, I had a cat once.
You caught me. You're amazing.

The method worked. I saw it.
It seemed to calm you down, right?

What method?
Come on with that method.

That's a tranquilizer
so people don't get pissed...

about the painful,
ugly truth--you know it.

No, Tommy. It penetrates a unified
infinity of everything.

We're not in infinity.
We're in the suburbs.

Infinity is everywhere.
That's what makes it infinity.

Okay, how does this connect?
Mr. Nimieri's an orphan from Sudan...

who was chased by
soldiers and crocodiles.

- How does the love glow fit into that, man?
- It's connected.

Albert and Mr. Nimieri
share a great deal. It's just that--

- Oh! Oh, my God.
- [ Vivian ] What's she doing here?

[ Tommy ]
That's Caterine.

- This is worse than I thought.
- Oh, it's much worse.

The meeting's going down
at Huckabees right now. Let's go.

- [ Clamoring ]
- Hey, everybody. Calm down.

The national office
recognizes the charter.

We're here today to give
the director a chance to even the keel.

- So just give him a break.
- Thank you, Orrin.

- Okay, first director now. Silence.
- Excuse me.

First, I would like to apologize
for my part of the fight...

that I had with Brad Stand
a little while ago over the poems...

that did not go out
with the Shania mailing.

- Where's Brad?
- Brad. Brad. Brad. It's all Brad, Brad.

The big benefit's
coming up with Brad...

and Brad's running it
and it's going to go great.

So, look, we're overlooking
our core issues.

- [ Woman ] Brad is not here.
- So to get us back on track...