I Heart Huckabees

- Sorry, Mom. Sorry, Dad. I did not know.
- Stevo, I'm so disappointed.

It's all right.
Look, he's sad. He's sad.

I'm sorry, Stevo.
My bad. You didn't know.

- You should be ashamed of yourself.
- I should be what?

- You should be ashamed of yourself.
- Why should I be ashamed?

- You're a hypocrite.
- I'm a what?

You're misleading these children.
'Cause you're the destroyer, man.

- How am I the destroyer?
- I saw that S.U. V. out there.

My car's the destroyer? You wanna know
how many miles per gallon I get?

Steven, I need to ask a question.
It's why I came here.

Why are autographs
so important to you?

It is a pastime with this family
which they have taught me.

- Which I can now carry on.
- [ Woman ] It's just for fun.

- [ Game Beeping ]
- For entertainment.
No games at the table, please.

Yes. 260. And I've reached
the omega level.

[ Tommy ]
Destroyer. Destroyer. Destroyer.

God gave us oil.! He gave it to us.!
How can God's gift be bad?

He gave you a brain too
and you messed that up pretty good--

I want you sons of bitches
out of my house now.

If Hitler were alive, he'd tell you
not to think about oil.

You're the Hitler! We took a Sudanese
refugee into our home!

You did. But how did
Sudan happen, ma'am?

Could it possibly be related
to dictatorships...

that we support
for some stupid reason?

- You shut up! You get out.
- You shut up. Come on. Let's get out of here.

- Later, Steve.
- God bless you.

- Wow.
- What's going on in there?

- Crazy.
- I can't believe them.

- Hi, guys.
- Oh, Christ.

[ Albert ] You guys get anything good
in there? You didn't, did you?

You hesitated over the mention of a cat.
What does that mean?

- It means nothing.Just like my coincidence.
- Cat seemed to hit a nerve.

Yeah, I had a cat once.
You caught me. You're amazing.

The method worked. I saw it.
It seemed to calm you down, right?

What method?
Come on with that method.

That's a tranquilizer
so people don't get pissed...

about the painful,
ugly truth--you know it.

No, Tommy. It penetrates a unified
infinity of everything.

We're not in infinity.
We're in the suburbs.

Infinity is everywhere.
That's what makes it infinity.

Okay, how does this connect?
Mr. Nimieri's an orphan from Sudan...