In Good Company

[Glass Concrete & Stone
by David Byrne playing]

Now I'm wakin'
at the crack of dawn

To send a little money

From here to the moon
Is risin'
like a discotheque

And now my bags are down
and packed

For traveling
(anchor woman)
After months of speculation

analysts expect
an announcement this week

that GlobeCom International
will acquire
Waterman Publishing

and its flagship magazine,
Sports AmeriCa.

The man at the helm
of GlobeCom,

billionaire media magnate
Teddy K.

has been
on a spending spree recently,

a food service company,
a cable operator

and two
telecommunications providers

in deals totaling
more than $13 billion.

And how did one
lucky ferret owner
come to own

the largest dog
treat manufacturer
on the East Coast?

Skin, that covers me
from head to toe

Except a couple tiny holes
And openings
Where, the city's blowin'
in and out

This is what it's
all about

Everything's possible
When you're an animal,
not inconceivable

How things can change
I know
So I'm puttin' on

Nothin' is out of place
Gonna be on my way
Try to pretend
It's not only
Glass and concrete
and stone

That it's just a house,
not a home

Mr. Kalb.