In Good Company

And openings
Where, the city's blowin'
in and out

This is what it's
all about

Everything's possible
When you're an animal,
not inconceivable

How things can change
I know
So I'm puttin' on

Nothin' is out of place
Gonna be on my way
Try to pretend
It's not only
Glass and concrete
and stone

That it's just a house,
not a home

Mr. Kalb.

Thanks for
the Lakers tiCkets.

You bet.
Seats were terrifiC.
But I'm still not going to
advertise in the magazine.

My son-in-law tells me
that people
don't read muCh anymore.

Too muCh effort
moving the eyes
baCk and forth.

So we're gonna put
most of our budget

into television,
radio, lnternet.

What does that mean?

I'm not gonna try to
sell you.

Why the hell not?
You're a salesman.

Just not a very good one,
that's all.

I'll say.
But I am gonna
ask you one favor.

Oh, yeah?
I'm gonna leave you
an issue of the magazine.

And I'm personally
gonna send you
a new one every week.

Now, I'll Call you
in a few weeks,

and if you want to,
we'll talk.

There's a great
artiCle in there

today's quarterbaCks
with Johnny Unitas.

Unitas would kiCk
their butts.

So, this is
your sales pitCh?

I've been with the magazine
for 20 years.
I believe in it.

Well, good for you.
So, are you worried
about all these rumors