Jersey Girl

You just don't expect...
l miss her so much. So, so much.
And you're a little piece of Mommy. And
that makes you really special to Daddy.

Just don't go anywhere.
'Cause you're the next best thing
to Mommy, and l love you so much.

And l'll always be here for you.
And l'm sorry about
the way l've been acting.

l promise you...
l'll be better now.

l'm gonna be the best daddy
in the world.

'Cause that's what Mommy wanted.
And that's what you deserve.

And that's all l am now.
l'm just your dad.
Your dad likes to run off at the mouth
sometimes, l know.


Your mother wasn't a fan, either.
You wanna see a picture
of your mom? l have one.

This was your mommy.
She was really pretty.

OK. You can keep it.
Daddy's got a bunch.
There you go.