Les Choristes

Is this your first prefect position?
I once taught in a private school.
-What did you teach?

-You will get on well with Mr. Rachin
The Headmaster. He used to play the trumpet.
These are his daughters, he lives here.
-Have you met him before?
-Not yet, I got the job through Mme Boissement.

That was Uncle Maxence
He proceeded to explain that he was in charge of...
security, first aid,
store room, and window repair.

What is he doing?
Student punished by Mr Rachin.
15 days of community service... Maid work
What are the kids like?
Didn't they tell you?
This is the infirmary.
Later I will show you my little vegetable patch.

With pleasure.
-What have they done this time?
-Let's me help you...

Are you Clement Mathieu?
The Headmaster.
Rachin, Headmaster.
Ah, Headmaster, I am sorry.
Yes, you are late.
-I was given the wrong bus timetable.
-Keeping on time is a basic principle here.

Very well.
Very well, headmaster.
Ok, follow me.
I first suggest you learn our regulations.
You will supervise study after 4pm.

What's the matter! Answer!
-Take this
Another trap.
Our pupils' lovely disposition.

Let's sit him down there.
I can't see.
Don't overdo it, let me take a look.
Not so good.
-You, go ring the bell, call everyone.
-Shouldn't we call a doctor first?

You know how much they cost?
What did I tell you, go ring the bell.

Where is the bell?
Open the door, you'll see it.