Les Choristes

Everyone here!
Everyone here!
Does this kind of incident often happen?
Ring, just ring the bell.
Everyone in the yard!
Quickly, keep quiet.
- Egg head!
- Quiet!

-Bullet head!

Keep quiet.
-I didn't say anything!

I've called you out because Uncle Maxence
has just been wounded in a cowardly attack.

According to our "action-reaction" principle,
the one responsible shall be severely punished.

If the guilty one does not turn himself in
within 3 seconds,

You will all take turns in jail, 6 hours each.
Until he turns himself in or is denounced.
One two three
No one? Naturally.
Come here.
You, Mathieu
Come here.
Mr. Chabert, give me the record book, thank you
Mr. Mathieu, the new prefect,
is fortunate not to know you yet.

Egg head!
Be quiet.
He will therefore decide impartially
who will be punished first.

Be quiet!
Pick a name.
At random?
If I may...
Leave him. Go ahead