Les Choristes

No. not me.
I am not asking you. I am telling you.
I did nothing.
Who do you think the headmaster will believe,
you or me?

While I am out, I would like someone serious
to watch over the class.

If I believe my trusted intuition,
this serious person is Mr Morange.
Be quiet, who is Morange?
Me, sir.
So, you are the angel face
Go to the blackboard.
You watch the class while I am out.

Let's go!
Nice attire.
Pull your shirt out further,
it's more proper.

Black sheep are said to have authority over their peers.
Prove it to me.

Let's go. To the headmaster.
Have mercy, sir.
Did you show mercy on the classmate
who is in jail instead of you?

How about Uncle Maxence?
I didn't want to harm him. It was just a joke.
A joke?
It's enough. Do you hear,
You'll get a good beating in my office.

Who is that?
It's Leclerc, he ran away for the third time.
He will be sent to jail.
This way you'll have a companion. Let's go.
Listen. Maybe we can make a deal.
You wounded uncle Maxence badly. Really bad.
I will not bring you to the headmaster,
but I'll punish you.

From now on, during recess,
you'll work in the infirmary.

You will look after Uncle Maxence,
until he is recovered.

Do you agree?