Medurat Hashevet

No, it's okay.
You can ask.

I don't mind.
What do you want to know?
Did he know you didn't love him?
I think so.
More questions.
I have one more,
but I'm afraid of your response.

Ask away.
Worst case, I won't answer.

Is there any chance of you sleeping
with a man you're not married to?

You're very direct.
- Sorry. I shouldn't have asked that.

And if I asked you
the same question?

I've decided I would.
Where's Tammy?
- In her room.

Tammy, did you lock the door?
Shall I bring the hammer?
Tammy, open the door. - She's been
locked in since this morning.

Tammy, are you all right?
What do you mean, since this
morning? - I mean this morning.

Which part don't you get?
Tammy, why did you lock the door?
You know we don't lock doors here.

I'm sorry.
What's this? Don't you want
to change? Take a shower?

I'm tired.
Tomorrow, okay, Mom?