- Is this about me?
- No. No. It's about peter.

- Who's peter?
- He's my ex-husband.

Oh, I didn't... I didn't know
you were married.

I'm 39 years old.
We met yesterday.

Look, i'm sorry. I'm sorry.
He just... he told me
some stuff about us.

- About us?
- No, not us "us"...

but... him and me "us."
When we were married.
Like... maybe he did
some cheating?

He probably fucked you
at some point.

You know what, louise?
This is about me.
I've entered your bloodstream.
You know? And he can smell it.

He's jealous. That's all.
He wants you back.

- You think?
- Yeah, I think.

And, hey, you know,
it's not like I don't know the feeling.

I've been thinking about you all day.
I have been counting the hours.

Then I come over here,
and you're talking about him?

I'm jealous!
You're jealous?
Yeah! L... come on.
I want you all to myself.
You do?
Tonight it's just
you and me. Okay?

It's just you and me.