but... him and me "us."
When we were married.
Like... maybe he did
some cheating?

He probably fucked you
at some point.

You know what, louise?
This is about me.
I've entered your bloodstream.
You know? And he can smell it.

He's jealous. That's all.
He wants you back.

- You think?
- Yeah, I think.

And, hey, you know,
it's not like I don't know the feeling.

I've been thinking about you all day.
I have been counting the hours.

Then I come over here,
and you're talking about him?

I'm jealous!
You're jealous?
Yeah! L... come on.
I want you all to myself.
You do?
Tonight it's just
you and me. Okay?

It's just you and me.
We are the only two people
in the entire world.

Oh, my god.
I had no idea
I was this hungry.

So I went out
and checked out some studio spaces.

- You're looking?
- Yeah.

You know,
if columbia doesn't work out...

I gotta have a plan b.
Where are you working now?
It's this little place you might have
heard of called my mom's basement. Yeah.

Well, what are you gonna do?
Scott, what would you do
if you couldn't paint?

Probably go crazy.
What if something happened?
What if...
you were driving in your car...