This has got to be about what
has the best chance of going to market...

and what is going to get us VC attention.
Look, I stuck by you guys
when it was your turn.

And I wasn't 100% sure
of what we were doing...

or even if I didn't agree, maybe.
But if it's my turn...
if we're still playing by the rules,
then this is what I want to try.

Here, take it.
They said it wouldn't hold a freeze.

Robert, please. It's not going to hold.
- It's going to go bad in my car.
- It'll go bad here. Okay, thanks.

- Good night, all.
- See you.

- We just got done giving this huge speech...
- We gave the speech?

We just got done. It was five minutes ago.
I'm the one that forced the issue. They're
onto us because I suck as the bad cop.

- You should do it. You could fake it better.
- I don't know about that.

As long as we're going down this road
where it's eighth grade physics...

and happy fun time out in that garage,
I think we could stand to try this.

Phillip and Robert are gung ho on theirs,
and that's fine.

But you know I have no interest in that.
I know you have no interest,
besides the fact...

that Phillip and Robert don't even need us.
They just want to use the equipment.

For what I want to do? We don't need them.
Not even Phillip,
because it doesn't need software.

- Is she asleep?
- No, and she needs a bath.

- She'll wind up in the closet if I do it.
- That's fine.

You know, even if Robert's okay with it,
and he won't be.

- I don't understand what that thing will do.
- We'll let them go at it for two months.

- They do theirs, we do ours.
- They said it'd take 14 hours.

Don't eat that. Seriously, it's bad.
We threw the first couple of batches out.
The filter.

What about crushed?
These guys are funded.
- These guys are... What?
- Liquid helium. These guys are funded.

That's what this is.
That's the whole difference.
That's what the box is.

We don't have to play the game
where we're going back and forth...

coming up with innovative ways to make it
colder and unusable in the process.

- Aaron, I need the hexagonal set.
- This is unmarketable.

By coming at it from the back end,
rather than changing...