It's like a feedback loop,
and it just regulates itself.

And what you do is when it gets there,
you bring it back...

and there you go, it coasts.
It's stable. It stays like that.

So it works?
- Yeah, it does.
- What is that, like 10%?

It knocks another couple of points
by the time it reaches the peak.

You may want to come over here
and take a look at this.

Okay, what am I looking at?
- What are we pulling out of the batteries?
- Probably 24 volts.

- I mean, no more than that, right?
- Okay.

So your meter's jacked up.
That's what I figured. So I tried three others.
I got the exact same thing.

- I spent all last night...
- What was it?

I spent last night and a two-hour break
just double-checking everything.

There's something wrong here. We're not
pulling out more than we're putting in.

- Slightly more.
- Well, yeah, whatever.

It's not like a volt and a half
more than we're putting in.

It's probably the batteries.
They're cheap batteries, not regulated right.

That is weird, though.
You want to see something weirder?
Okay, let's go over this again.
Two batteries, right? 24 volts?

What are we pulling out of this one?
Just for fun.

Twelve volts.
- How about this one?
- Should be 12 volts.

So, what the hell is this thing?
It doesn't stay like that.
No, it winds down in a few minutes.
What does that?

I don't know. I'll tell them something.
I'll tell them we're spraying for bugs.

It should just be a day or two, anyways.
- Unless you want to bring them in.
- No, they have their work in there, too.