You want to see something weirder?
Okay, let's go over this again.
Two batteries, right? 24 volts?

What are we pulling out of this one?
Just for fun.

Twelve volts.
- How about this one?
- Should be 12 volts.

So, what the hell is this thing?
It doesn't stay like that.
No, it winds down in a few minutes.
What does that?

I don't know. I'll tell them something.
I'll tell them we're spraying for bugs.

It should just be a day or two, anyways.
- Unless you want to bring them in.
- No, they have their work in there, too.

If Phillip finds out about that
he's going to have to take it apart.

- No. I'm just putting a little tweak on it.
- Yeah, I know. No, you're right.

Abe, it's my garage, okay?
It's not like they're paying rent.

There was value in the thing.
Clearly. Of that they were certain of.

But what is the application?
In a matter of hours...

they had pinned it to everything
from mass transit to satellite launching.

Imagining devices the size of jumbo jets.
Everything would be cheaper.
It was practical and they knew it.

But above all that, beyond the positives...
they knew that the easiest way
to be exploited...

is to sell something
they did not yet understand.

So they kept quiet.
The parties would continue.

Any birthday, anniversary, holiday...
maybe some obscure project launch.
It didn't matter. Any reason would do.

What was important is that Thomas Granger,
their last best hope of funding, show up.

If he left a little earlier than
they would've liked, he couldn't be blamed.

He was only there
to please his daughter Rachel.

And she was only there to please Abe.