- We can publish.
- Yeah, we can publish.

No, I mean we can really publish.
Aaron, the Weeble's stupid. It can't move.
Even if we were
to put the Weeble in at point B...

it's still going to bounce back and forth
until it's kicked out at the B end.

But if it were smart...
it could enter at the B end
and exit at the A end before it flips back.

You're talking about making a bigger one.
I didn't say anything.
You're the one talking about it.

So, you believe me?
No, I don't.
Come on. Let's go get a drink or something.
- We're going to have to move it.
- We will.

We need a box big enough for a person
to fit into. As far as turning it on...

I was testing the box. It turns out
over half the rings are redundant.

The inner ring is strong enough on its own,
so it makes the plate smaller.

A lot more is unnecessary.
What we can do...

is take a lot of these small plates and
surround a container with a web of them.

How small?
It should be accumulative so a lot of
mini-fields equal one big one, right?

Yeah, sum of series, that makes sense.
What I was going to say is we need
to find a place where we can put it...

and turn it on and it won't be disturbed.
We could just lock it in a closet.
Someplace where someone's not going to
go poking around and messing with it.

And climate-controlled.
Yeah, so whatever, we'll find some place.
So, if we go your route with what?
A bunch of mini-fields?

That's a lot of work. We'd have to...
I mean, how many days is that?

Abe, you know what we could use?
I know we've seen
a lot of crazy things lately, okay?

I know you're still trying to put
it all together in a way that makes sense.