We need a box big enough for a person
to fit into. As far as turning it on...

I was testing the box. It turns out
over half the rings are redundant.

The inner ring is strong enough on its own,
so it makes the plate smaller.

A lot more is unnecessary.
What we can do...

is take a lot of these small plates and
surround a container with a web of them.

How small?
It should be accumulative so a lot of
mini-fields equal one big one, right?

Yeah, sum of series, that makes sense.
What I was going to say is we need
to find a place where we can put it...

and turn it on and it won't be disturbed.
We could just lock it in a closet.
Someplace where someone's not going to
go poking around and messing with it.

And climate-controlled.
Yeah, so whatever, we'll find some place.
So, if we go your route with what?
A bunch of mini-fields?

That's a lot of work. We'd have to...
I mean, how many days is that?

Abe, you know what we could use?
I know we've seen
a lot of crazy things lately, okay?

I know you're still trying to put
it all together in a way that makes sense.

Look, I just want you to understand
that what's next is not a prank, okay?

I wouldn't do that to you
and I'm not doing that to you.

So when you see this, you can't yell
or make any noise or run anywhere.

I know you probably feel like you're
being tricked or made fun of. But you're not.

I promise you, you're not. Okay?
Who was that, Abe?