Raise Your Voice

Hey, Aunt Nina.
Hi, T erri Boo-berry.

- Why was this in the trash?
- You got in. Congratulations.

- Paul would be so proud of you.
- Mom, what are you doing?

If Paul were here, he would just get
in another screaming fight with Dad about it.

Okay. Everything
is different now.

- Do you still want to go?
- I don't want to sing anymore.

I don't believe that,

Why don't you let me
handle your Dad about this.

- I think Terri should come visit me.
- Hmm.

Simon, I really think
she needs to get away

and I'd like her to come to Palm Desert
for the month of August.

A month with you,
alone in the desert? Are you nuts?

It is alone, isn't it?
I'm between guys right now.
So yes, I'm alone.

Yeah, for the moment.
Well who's going to help me
in the restaurant?

Oh, is that really what
you want to say, Simon?

"Who's gonna help me
with the restaurant?"

Aunt Nina,
who said that you could do that?

I've never lied
to my father before.

Terri, I just think
this is your life.

You deserve the chance to live it.
Then why does it feel so wrong?