Raise Your Voice

- Do you still want to go?
- I don't want to sing anymore.

I don't believe that,

Why don't you let me
handle your Dad about this.

- I think Terri should come visit me.
- Hmm.

Simon, I really think
she needs to get away

and I'd like her to come to Palm Desert
for the month of August.

A month with you,
alone in the desert? Are you nuts?

It is alone, isn't it?
I'm between guys right now.
So yes, I'm alone.

Yeah, for the moment.
Well who's going to help me
in the restaurant?

Oh, is that really what
you want to say, Simon?

"Who's gonna help me
with the restaurant?"

Aunt Nina,
who said that you could do that?

I've never lied
to my father before.

Terri, I just think
this is your life.

You deserve the chance to live it.
Then why does it feel so wrong?

There's something about your dad
that I don't think you know.

He and his friend David both got
football scholarships to UCLA.

And when graduation
rolled around,

our family restaurant was doing good,
but our parents weren't.

Neither of us wanted the restaurant,
but your Dad felt he had
no choice but to take it.

And, uh, his friend David
went on to UCLA.

And he got caught upin the L.A. scene
and he's been messed up ever since.

But I know
that if your Dad had taken
that scholarship,

he would have made it
So, what does that
have to do with me?

I don't know.

But it's
your decision, Terri.