San ging chaat goo si

Where's the press?
There's a grenade; I'm not going there
Calm down Mr. Wong, the press is here
Say anything, just calm down
Point the camera at me
Come out, Eric Chow
You leach, you forced me
to gamble on stocks...

You said l'd make big money
and everything would be fine

Told me to use company funds
You want my life?
Here it is
Eric you bastard, come out!
Come out!
What are you doing?
Stay back! CaIm down!
Nobody move!
Inspector Chan! Get the hostage!
Open the manhoIe cover!
There! Quick!
Get down!
Are you aIl right?
I'm fine, disperse the crowd
Go! Give me back my money!
Thank you, Officer Chan
He's crazy
In stocks, some win, some Iose
Throw the book at him
Put him in jaiI
I'd be broke if everyone's Iike him