This is...
Flor, this is Georgie and this is John.
John, this is Flor.

Great. I'll take Georgie to school.
No, I'm doing it.
I'm gonna show Flor the ropes.

Flor, will you come with me, please?
Come. Thank you.
- She's mad.
- You're fine. Deb?

- What?
- You love me.

- Not the best place to stand, fella.
- No, it's me. I'm bugged.

I'm sorry.
Not a problem.
You're the new helper, Alex, right?

Okay, welcome. First day.
John, I have something very important
to tell you.

- Damn.
- What?

Victor recognized a food critic
over the phone.

- From?
- The Times.

I'll bet they sent her
across the country just for us.

- Lf you're nervous, take a walk.
- I don't need a walk.

I'll walk with you. I know a breathing thing.
What do you think I'm worried about?
How I'm gonna cook?

That's not the thing. That's not the problem.
I worked at a restaurant in New York
that had four stars.

It was like a line formed
to become an asshole.

People's accents changed.
The heart went out of the place.
You understand?