Stratosphere Girl

Tonight is her first night.
She's still got a jet lag, it's
such a long flight from Europe,

isn't it, the flight?
Yes, it's very long.
Where are you from?
I am from Belgium...
but the last years,
I went to school in Germany.

In Europe, everybody has got a dog.
You see dogs everywhere.
Yeah? We also had
a dog in our house.

A nice laborador.
But he was killed by a car.

That's good,
dogs always smell.

Dogs are not good
in the house.

That's not true, they don't
smell if you wash them sometimes.

-They are dirty animals!
-They are not!

They are only natural.
You would be dirty too,
if you didn't wash.

Angela, you can't
compare men with dogs.

So you are a student?
No, I don't want to study.
I want to draw.

What means draw?

What does that mean?
Ahh, it means drawing.
Very good!
Look at this!

-Very look like.