SuperBabies: Baby Geniuses 2

...that pops into your mind.
- I'm not a brain baby.

I'm a baby of action.
All right, maybe it's not him.

Anyway, Biscane, I don't like him.
What are we gonna do
about this Biscane?

- No fear, Finkie's here.
- Quentin Finkleman...

:16:19're just the guy I'm looking for.
- Okay then, what's our plan this time?

We're not supposed to be here.
I'm getting sick to my stomach.
Okay, Finkleman, you're
the computer geek. Now what?

- I prefer the term "computer artisan."
- Whatever.

All right, all right.
Type in "Bill Biscane."

Ignore the official sites
for Biscane Broadcasting...

...or anything like that.
There's usually some rogue ones.

You know, anti-corporate sites.
- What's wrong with you, Finkleman?
- I feel faint.

- You're always scared.
- Look!

See what it says up there?

Biscane. It says he's
a corporate criminal.

Are you crazy?
That's just website spam.

Red alert!
It's Biscane's flunkies!

- What do we do?
- Run!

- Come on, Fink.
- Wait, don't leave me!

Oh, no!
Come on.
This building wasn't up to code.
- Meaning?
- I couldn't possibly do it...

You have until tomorrow
to do what's necessary.

- That's impossible.
- People.

We won't have a problem
with building inspectors.

Mr. Biscane has paid
off thousands of petty bureaucrats...

...from here to New York.
What have I done?