Surviving Christmas

My firm's done a tremendous
amount of market research.

We've discovered two things:
One, most Americans feel
that Christmas is a time for family.

Two, most Americans feel that in order
to stand being around their family,

for even one or two days,
they need to swill as much
alcohol as humanly possible.

Now, I'd like you
to meet the Noggertons.

They're a classic American family.
They're together on Christmas,
they're fat-free,

and 1 0 percent alcohol
by volume.

Enjoy our family, so you can
enjoy your family.

What do you think?
So, you're suggesting we tell people
the only way to get through the holidays

is to drink spiked egg nog?
I'm suggesting the only way
to get through the holidays

is to buy your farm-fresh, fat-free,
pre-spiked egg nog in a bottle.

- Take care. All right.
- It's all good. How do you do it?

I'm very excited.
I look forward to it.

It went pretty well, huh?
I'm a genius.
I feel like I could sell
whale steaks to Greenpeace.

Nice image.
- Here are your tickets to Fiji.
- Ah.

[Drew] Missy, we've been
dating a while.

Let's take our relationship
to the next level.

[Missy] I've hoped you would say that.
[Drew] I got you a little
pre-Christmas Christmas gift.

[Missy] Yeah?
I want you to open it now
because it involves our future.

The future of you and me together.
It's kind of for both of us,
in that way.

[breathless] Okay.