Surviving Christmas

- Take care. All right.
- It's all good. How do you do it?

I'm very excited.
I look forward to it.

It went pretty well, huh?
I'm a genius.
I feel like I could sell
whale steaks to Greenpeace.

Nice image.
- Here are your tickets to Fiji.
- Ah.

[Drew] Missy, we've been
dating a while.

Let's take our relationship
to the next level.

[Missy] I've hoped you would say that.
[Drew] I got you a little
pre-Christmas Christmas gift.

[Missy] Yeah?
I want you to open it now
because it involves our future.

The future of you and me together.
It's kind of for both of us,
in that way.

[breathless] Okay.
Tickets to Fiji?
Yes. First class.
Drew, on Christmas?
Christmas is the family holiday.
I mean, what are we doing? What is this?
I mean, what is going on?

Where is this relationship headed?
Fiji. First class.
- Missy?
- Uh-uh. Okay.

Here's an example
of one of our problems.

You never introduced me to your family.
You never mentioned your family.

Do you even have a family?
How can you be serious about me,
if you're not serious about your family?

You need to get some
serious help, Drew.

I think you're missing the point.
If I told you everything about me,
there'd be no more sense of mystery.

Nothing left to discover.
With nothing left to discover,
a relationship dies.

You don't want this to die, do you?
It just did.