Surviving Christmas

Tickets to Fiji?
Yes. First class.
Drew, on Christmas?
Christmas is the family holiday.
I mean, what are we doing? What is this?
I mean, what is going on?

Where is this relationship headed?
Fiji. First class.
- Missy?
- Uh-uh. Okay.

Here's an example
of one of our problems.

You never introduced me to your family.
You never mentioned your family.

Do you even have a family?
How can you be serious about me,
if you're not serious about your family?

You need to get some
serious help, Drew.

I think you're missing the point.
If I told you everything about me,
there'd be no more sense of mystery.

Nothing left to discover.
With nothing left to discover,
a relationship dies.

You don't want this to die, do you?
It just did.
Come on. Don't be like that.
You're gonna be like that?
Go ahead. Go.

I'm going to spend Christmas
with my family.

You can spend Christmas alone.
[Drew] Missy.
Kathryn, I need you to get
a Cartier bracelet to send to Missy.

Something expensive,
a lot of diamonds, very flashy.

- lnclude a personal note from me.
- What exactly do you want it to say?

Something personal that shows
the depth of my feelings, my emotions.

- You're good. That's why I hired you.
- Okay, but it's not gonna work.

My man.