Surviving Christmas

- Are you all right?
- Uh-huh.

You sure? 'Cause you just put
a bra in Brian's sock drawer.

Oh, well, that's your brother.
1 5. Likes to experiment.
We still love him.

Look, Christine, I know what's going on
with you and Tom,

and first of all,
I just wanna say that

I'm feeling a little ripped off here,
you know?

I thought I was getting a real family.
This is bullshit.

Well, it's time you grew up
and faced facts, isn't it?

Mommies and daddies
fall in love, make babies,

pay bills, get mad,
and stop touching each other!

Second of all,
I was thinkin' I could do something
to help you, make you feel better.

How about just me and you
go shopping?

- For what?
- I don't know. Just go shopping.

You know what I mean?
It's fun just to buy shit.

Listen, I know all the best
makeup and hair people.

The best fashion photographer
in Chicago owes me huge!

You don't see it, do you?
You don't see what
a beautiful woman you are.

You have grace and kindness
and sensuality,

and this incredibly striking,
kind of offbeat beauty that's...
You look in the mirror, and don't
see it. We're gonna show you.

How would you like me
to arrange your very own,

very hip, very sexy, yet tasteful,
very elegant, very modern,
very expensive

photo shoot, just for you?
Or not.
I mean, whatever...

Oh, Drew, you've made
your mama so happy.

[chuckles] Great.
- Oh, Mom.
- [Christine chuckles]

[Drew] Hey, Alicia.
Want to go tobogganing?