I'm so sorry, Lily.
I had a shitty day.

i promise that if you accept a diner here
tonight I'll explain everything.

Ok, light meal
I don't want to be sick tuesday morning.

yes, short time at the table
and long time in bed.

we could even eat in bed to save time.
you'd better be good,
it's your last chance

I'm going to impress you.
we are going to wait again
all day in front of the garage?

observation is finished,
now questioning.

are you interested to see
a real questioning?

-No you're going to come anyway.

I won't be useful
I'm better with the Taxi in case shit.

I need a translator
I don't want him to confuse me with technicalities.

Kruger won't have time to kick me out ,
I'm telling you.

Good morning people.
which one of you is called Kruger,

it's written on the label
just like a waitress.

Mr Kruger,
got a few questions.

don't worry
it won't be long.

-Fuck no more munitions!
-what for? they are long gone.

-yeah? -open you eyes,
there is nobody here.

ah yeah, nobody.
-can I ask you a small question?

you questionings
are always like that, or was it to please me?

Usualy I ask at least 1 question.
let's go out to get some air.