The Incredibles

Sit down, Bob.
I'm not happy, Bob. Not happy.
- Ask me why.
- OK. Why?

Why what? Be specific, Bob.
- Why are you unhappy?
- Your customers make me unhappy.

- You've gotten complaints?
- Complaints I can handle.

What I can't handle is your customers'
inexplicable knowledge

of Insuricare's inner workings.
They're experts. Experts, Bob.

Exploiting every loophole,
dodging every obstacle.

They're penetrating the bureaucracy.
- Did I do something illegal?
- No.

- We shouldn't help our customers?
- The law requires that I answer no.

- We're supposed to help people.
- Help our people.

Starting with our stockholders.
Who's helping them out, huh?

You know, Bob, a company...
Is like an enormous clock.
:27:15 like an enormous...
Yes. Precisely.

It only works if all
the little cogs mesh together.

Now, a clock needs to be cleaned,
well-lubricated and wound tight.

The best clocks have jewel movements,
cogs that fit, that cooperate by design.

I'm being metaphorical, Bob.
Know what I mean by cooperative cogs?

Bob? Look at me
when I'm talking to you, Parr.

- That man out there needs help.
- Don't change the subject.

- We're discussing your attitude.
- He's getting mugged.

- Let's hope we don't cover him.
- I'll be back.

Stop right now or you're fired.
Close the door.