The Terminal

But I understand
that you speak a little English.

- Yes.
- You do?

I hope you don't mind if I eat
while we talk. I've a bit of bad news.

Your country has suspended
all traveling privileges

on passports issued
by your government.

And our State Department
has revoked the visa

that was going to allow you
to enter the US.

That's it in a nutshell, basically.
While you were in the air there
was a military coup in your country.

Most of the dead were members
of the Presidential Guard.

They were attacked
in the middle of the night.

They got it all on GHN, I think.
There were few civilian casualties.
I'm sure your family's fine.

Mr. Navorski, your country
was annexed from the inside.

The Republic of Krakozhia
is under new leadership.

Krakozhia. Krakozhia
- Krakozhia.
- Right. I don't think he gets it.

Er... Let me... OK. Look.
Imagine that these potato chips
are Krakozhia.

- Kra-kozhia.
- Yes.

- Krakozhia.
- OK.

Er... So the potato chips are Krakozhia.
- And this apple...
- Big Apple. Big Apple.

...Big Apple represents
the Liberty Rebels.

No more Krakozhia! OK?
New government.
Revolution. You understand?

All the flights in and out
of your country have been suspended.

The new government has sealed all
borders, so your visa's no longer valid.

So, currently
you are a citizen of nowhere.

Now, we can't process you new papers
until the US recognizes your country's
new diplomatic reclassification.

You don't qualify for asylum,
refugee status,

temporary protective status,
humanitarian parole,

or non-immigration work travel.
You don't qualify for any of these.

You are at this time simply...