The Terminal

- I am crack.
- Yes. Until we get this sorted out,

I will allow you to enter
the International Transit Lounge.

I'm going to sign a release form
that is going to make you a free man.

- Free?
- Free. Free.

Free to go anywhere you like
in the International Transit Lounge.

- OK?
- OK.

- OK.
- OK.

Uncle Sam will have this
sorted out by tomorrow,

and welcome
to the United States. Almost.

- Thank you.
- OK. All right.

Thanks, Judge.
Announcing the arrival
of flight 76 from Singapore Airlines.

Now, Mr. Navorski.
Mr. Navorski. Mr. Navorski.
This is the International
Transit Lounge.

You are free to wait here.
These are food vouchers.

You can use them in the Food Court.
Your Krakozhian money is no good here.

This is a 15-minute,
prepaid calling card.

You may call home, if you like.
This, in case we need to contact you,
is a pager.

You must keep this
with you at all times.

Here is an ID badge for you
to get into CBP. Beyond those doors...

Mr. Navorski.
I'm going to need you to look at me.

Beyond those doors is American soil.
Mr. Dixon wants me to make it clear
that you are not
to enter through those doors.

You are not to leave this building.
America is closed.

America closed.
What I do?
There's only one thing
you can do here, Mr. Navorski.

Passengers of flight 854
New York/Warsaw...