The Terminal

- Unacceptable.

- Unacceptable.
- Unacceptable.

Big Apple tour includes Brooklyn Bridge,
Empire State, Broadway show Cats.

I got more bad news for you.
Cats has closed.

Now I go New York City. Thank you.
No, Mr. Navorski. I cannot allow you
to enter the United States at this time.

- Krakozhia.
- We can't allow you to go home either.

You don't really have a home.
Technically it doesn't exist.

It's like a Twilight Zone.
Do you get that show over there?

Talking Tina, Zanti Misfits.
Zanti Misfits was Outer Limits, sir.
Really? It's not important.
Where do I buy the Nike shoes?
OK, Mr. Navorski, come here.
Here's my dilemma, Mr. Navorski.
You have no right to enter the US
and I have no right to detain you.

You have fallen through
a crack in the system.

- I am crack.
- Yes. Until we get this sorted out,

I will allow you to enter
the International Transit Lounge.

I'm going to sign a release form
that is going to make you a free man.

- Free?
- Free. Free.

Free to go anywhere you like
in the International Transit Lounge.

- OK?
- OK.

- OK.
- OK.

Uncle Sam will have this
sorted out by tomorrow,

and welcome
to the United States. Almost.

- Thank you.
- OK. All right.

Thanks, Judge.
Announcing the arrival
of flight 76 from Singapore Airlines.

Now, Mr. Navorski.
Mr. Navorski. Mr. Navorski.