The Terminal

Don't shoot!
She sleeps 12, Frank. Has a
120-volt generator, wet bar, gas range.

She looks amazing.
She's my pot of gold
at the end of the rainbow.

She's a beautiful boat
and I hope you get her soon.

- You've earned her.
- Thank you, Frank.

- You have.
- Actually, I bought her yesterday.

Come on. Congratulations!
I'm nominating you to take my place.
You will assume the duties
of acting Field Commissioner

until you get approval from Washington.
Really? I don't know what to say.
- Jesus. Richard, is this real?
- It's real, Frank, it's real.

Don't pretend to be surprised.
You've been waiting for me to retire
or drop dead for years now.

No, I haven't been
waiting for you to retire.

That's all right, Frank.
My retirement will become official
the day you get sworn in.

- You've waited a long time for this.
- I have.

Just be careful
about the inspection process.

I will.
I've been here for 17 years...