The Terminal

She's a beautiful boat
and I hope you get her soon.

- You've earned her.
- Thank you, Frank.

- You have.
- Actually, I bought her yesterday.

Come on. Congratulations!
I'm nominating you to take my place.
You will assume the duties
of acting Field Commissioner

until you get approval from Washington.
Really? I don't know what to say.
- Jesus. Richard, is this real?
- It's real, Frank, it's real.

Don't pretend to be surprised.
You've been waiting for me to retire
or drop dead for years now.

No, I haven't been
waiting for you to retire.

That's all right, Frank.
My retirement will become official
the day you get sworn in.

- You've waited a long time for this.
- I have.

Just be careful
about the inspection process.

I will.
I've been here for 17 years...

We're talking about
the Field Commissioner position.

People are going to look to you
for leadership, to set an example.

What are you saying?
I'm saying the job is yours to lose.
Ship the Colombians
off to asylum hearings,

and call the parents
of those kids from Long Island.

Tell them it was a bad idea
to let them go to Jamaica.

Come on, let's go. South America
and Madrid are on the tarmac.

I want them out of here in half an hour.
Mr. Thurman.
There's a man walking around
the terminal in a bathrobe.

I know, sir. You put him there.