The Terminal

All right, here we go.
OK. Call them off.
Johnson, clear the doors.
All right. Go.
Get out of there.
All right, there's the door.

All right.
Here we go.
Now where is he?

- There he is.
- No, that's not him.

There he is.
All right, Viktor.
Here we go.
What's so complicated? Exit, Viktor.
Come on. In a few minutes,
you'll be somebody else's problem.

He wants to make sure
nobody's watching.

I told him nobody would be watching.
Come on. All right, here we go.
- Call the Airport Police.
- He's on his way.

Excuse me.
You got it. There we go.
He's got to get a running start,
I guess.

Just leave. Just leave.
Leave. Leave.
What are you doing?
Why is he kneeling? Is he praying?

No. He's tying his shoelace.
Come on, leave.
Get the cameras.
Where is he? Where is he?