The Terminal

OK. Let me try it again.
- Your country's at war.
- Yes. War.

There are men in the streets
with guns. Political persecution.

- Yes. It's terrible.
- Yeah, it's horrible.

And God only knows
what could happen.

Innocent people
are torn from their beds.

On Tuesdays. I hate Tuesdays.
So you're afraid.
- From what?
- Krakozhia.

You're afraid of Krakozhia.
No, I am not afraid from Krakozhia.
I'm a little afraid of this room.

I'm talking about bombs.
I'm talking about human dignity.

Human rights.
Viktor, please don't be afraid
to tell me you're afraid of Krakozhia.

Is home.
I am not afraid from my home.

So? I go to New York City now?
- No.
- No?

- I'm afraid from ghosts.
- Thanks very much.

- I'm afraid from Dracula.
- Thanks a lot.

I'm afraid from Wolfmens,
afraid from sharks.

Thanks a lot.
- Damn.
- Why you do this?
- Nobody read the sign in America.

This is the only fun I have.
A barbecue?
That's why I'm not going to see you?

Let me get this straight.
I change my schedule to meet you.

I take four back-to-back flights,
fly 27 hours straight
literally around the world,