The Terminal

So? I go to New York City now?
- No.
- No?

- I'm afraid from ghosts.
- Thanks very much.

- I'm afraid from Dracula.
- Thanks a lot.

I'm afraid from Wolfmens,
afraid from sharks.

Thanks a lot.
- Damn.
- Why you do this?
- Nobody read the sign in America.

This is the only fun I have.
A barbecue?
That's why I'm not going to see you?

Let me get this straight.
I change my schedule to meet you.

I take four back-to-back flights,
fly 27 hours straight
literally around the world,

and now you tell me you're going
to spend July 4th with your wife?

The woman hates fireworks.
Don't lie to me, OK?
I know for a fact
you took her to Rome last weekend.

Because you flew United, Max.
South African Airlines
passenger Sharif Al-Calala,

please come to the main ticket counter.
You make a habit out of listening
to other people's conversations?

No, I try to call home.
So then...
- You know why men are such assholes?
- No.

Because they're all liars.
Wait. Wait, wait, wait, wait.
Wet floor.