The Terminal

Why he need... puzzle?
This is my problem.
I always see men
the way I want to see them.

Do I know you from someplace?
Sensible heels.
Payless Shoes. Second floor.

You headed for home?
Er... No, no. I am...
I am delayed a long time.
I hate it when they delay flights.
What do you do?

I go from one building
to another building.

I have beeper.
Oh, contractors.
You guys travel as much as we do.

Sorry about that.
Thank you very much.

What's "BH"?
In English...
Viktor Navorski.
- In English, Amelia Warren.
- Amelia Warren?

- Nice to meet you.
- You, too.

Nice to see you again.
You like Italian food?
I know, it's late
and you've probably got other plans,

but if you'd like to grab some dinner,
we can run right out and catch a cab.

I know a place
that has the greatest cannelloni.

No, I... I can't.
- You married?
- No.

- Girlfriend?
- No.

I... I can't go out... with you.
God. I am so... I'm so sorry.
I am so sorry.
I must come off
like a complete nut job or something.

- No.
- I didn't want to eat alone.

Wet floor. Wet floor.