The Terminal

He's very depressed
and decides to take his own life.

But Napoleon believes himself
to be of such superhuman strength

that he takes six times the amount
of poison needed to do the job.

His stomach is so full up with poison
that his body rejects it,

and he doesn't die.
See? Ego. Saved his life.
Maybe he need glasses.
- Glasses?
- Yes. To read words on bottle.

It's funny you should say that.
Rumor has it
that Napoleon was farsighted.

- There you go.
- There you go.

- There you go.
- And there you go.

I think we're rewriting history
right here.

Why don't we talk about it over lunch?
Oh, my God, I can't believe it.
I just asked you out again.

I just did it again.
I'm so...
Just stay away from me, Viktor, OK?

I'm sick. I don't have the ability
to be alone for five seconds.

- OK, what?
- OK.

Lunch... with you.
- You'll have lunch with me?
- Yes.

You're not running for a flight or...?
I wait.
- It's me.
- You. Yes.

I'm sorry.
I just got paged.

You work?
- No.
- Ah.

Three of you. Crowded.
Stay away from me, Viktor.
I'm... I have a serious problem.
I'm as bad as Napoleon.

I just keep ingesting these poisonous
men until I make myself sick.

- You're not sick, Amelia. No.
- No?

No. You're a little... farsighted.
- I have to go.
- I have to stay.

- Story of my life.
- Me, too.