The Terminal

Not a single toe
in the United States of America.

Do you understand
what I am saying to you?

You don't like fish.
Do you ever feel
like you're just living in an airport?

We don't have to do this, Viktor.
I can ship you out in a crate.

I can mail you
anywhere in the US.

What about my food cart?
He can hide inside and we'll drive out.

- No. I can't do this.
- You said you wanted us to help you.

- I do.
- What's her name?

Amelia Warren.
I thought we were looking
for a way out, not a way in.

Be careful. Those flight attendants
ain't like regular women.

Flying back and forth between time zones
messes with their biological clock.

- They're always ready for sex.
- OK, I found something.

I am leaving.
They will come for us.

Gupta, will you relax?
Just watch the door.

You go in jail. Not me.
For... You know what? Forget it.
- Keep looking.
- Warren, right?

- Yes. Yes.
- Warren.

Amelia Jane Warren?
- Jane?
- Yeah.

Way to go, Viktor. First class.
- When she come back?
- Three weeks.