The Terminal

- I do.
- What's her name?

Amelia Warren.
I thought we were looking
for a way out, not a way in.

Be careful. Those flight attendants
ain't like regular women.

Flying back and forth between time zones
messes with their biological clock.

- They're always ready for sex.
- OK, I found something.

I am leaving.
They will come for us.

Gupta, will you relax?
Just watch the door.

You go in jail. Not me.
For... You know what? Forget it.
- Keep looking.
- Warren, right?

- Yes. Yes.
- Warren.

Amelia Jane Warren?
- Jane?
- Yeah.

Way to go, Viktor. First class.
- When she come back?
- Three weeks.

would you like to get eat to bite?

Bite to eat? Cantaloni?
Bite to eat?
Bite to eat?
Bite to eat?
Eat to bite? Eat to bite.
Bite to eat.
Bite to eat.