Two Brothers

Since you have plenty to do.
Someone said you were asking
about the river region.

Of course, there's
wonderful temples there.

But I must warn you.
Sergent Van Tranh is getting
very hot under the collar.

That can't be too plesant for him.
I wonder if it would make
it easier for you -

if you have some sort of
feature hat to wear.

Special adviser for hunting...
And the protection of flora.

How does it sound?
Rather long.
What might that involve
do you think?

Nothing much.
You could organize the tiger hunt
whenever I have important visitors.

Very kind of you.
How on earth can I
thank you this time?

I need the skin
of that tigers.

His Excellency is being very difficult
about the road again.

It's because he lost
faith during the hunt.

How do we present him with the skin
when the live tiger's still inside it?

You are the hunter.
Figure it out.

I have an appointment with
His Excellency next Tuesday.

I cannot go empty handed.
Don't be ridiculous.
That's impossible.

Oh, you can do it.
Otherwise, I may not be able
to restrain the Sergeant.

He says you have acquired an
accomplice. Some local girl.

You rang, Madame.
- Sangha!
- Bitsy!