Two Brothers

I have an appointment with
His Excellency next Tuesday.

I cannot go empty handed.
Don't be ridiculous.
That's impossible.

Oh, you can do it.
Otherwise, I may not be able
to restrain the Sergeant.

He says you have acquired an
accomplice. Some local girl.

You rang, Madame.
- Sangha!
- Bitsy!

Hey, I know you.
So this is where they
brought you, huh?

Well, it's not so bad.
At least you got company.
Don't you look at me like that.
What was I supposed to
do with you?

I couldn't have left
you out there, could I?

You never learned to hunt.
You would starve to death.

It's a pity to get
eaten right away.

You get a long memory
I know what you want.

Ah, ah, ah!
I wouldn't do that if I were you.