Two Brothers

Hey, I know you.
So this is where they
brought you, huh?

Well, it's not so bad.
At least you got company.
Don't you look at me like that.
What was I supposed to
do with you?

I couldn't have left
you out there, could I?

You never learned to hunt.
You would starve to death.

It's a pity to get
eaten right away.

You get a long memory
I know what you want.

Ah, ah, ah!
I wouldn't do that if I were you.
Even at that age, they can
take your finger off.

I've heard you keep the skins of your
animals after they are dead.

You wouldn't happen to have
a tiger hide by any chance?

Tiger skin? I'm afr--
We can get you a tiger skin!
Good. Can I see it?
When do you need it?
Then you can see it tomorrow.
It will cost you 1000 Piasters.

Payable in advance.
I don't want it finished
in gold leaf.

That's the price.
It's up to you.

Do you want the
skin or not?

If you do, 1000 Piasters.
If you don't, get lost.

All right. Spend some of it on
this little one, won't you?

Feed him well.
Happens to be a
friend of mine.