Walk On Water

This is so much fun. You're lucky
to live here, you can do it every week.

I must remember the steps
to teach them to my children.

- And maybe you can dance with my sister.
- No.

No, we are not allowed to dance
with customers on the first night.

That was very good.
It's always good. Apart from dancing
there isn't much to do here.

This is not Berlin.
Refrigerator, closet, seat,
- window, door.
- Very good.

And with whom
do you usually dance?

With everyone.
Don't you have a boyfriend? Friends?
How about our guide?
He seems strong.
He would do great
repairs in the house for sure.

My last boyfriend was like him.
And what happened?
Yes, sometimes it's a little difficult,
but people here are usually nice.

Only they ask me if somebody
of the family was a Nazi

The curious thing is that when I say yes,
they give me a pitiful look.

but nobody insults my family.
As I say: people will always return
to you what you give to them.

And that's a mistake, brother.
You are very naive.

How so?
Because when my boyfriend found out
the truth about our family it was the end.

It was over. At first he said
that it wasn't a problem,

that he didn't hate Germans, but since
I told him it could not get out of his head.

He could no longer stay with me.