Walk On Water

And what happened?
Yes, sometimes it's a little difficult,
but people here are usually nice.

Only they ask me if somebody
of the family was a Nazi

The curious thing is that when I say yes,
they give me a pitiful look.

but nobody insults my family.
As I say: people will always return
to you what you give to them.

And that's a mistake, brother.
You are very naive.

How so?
Because when my boyfriend found out
the truth about our family it was the end.

It was over. At first he said
that it wasn't a problem,

that he didn't hate Germans, but since
I told him it could not get out of his head.

He could no longer stay with me.
Do you want milk and sugar?
I remember: some milk and
a clod of sugar.

Yes you remember.
Axel, what did you really come for?
Don't you want to see dad and mom?
They miss you.

- Mom wanted me to ask you...
- I know.

You can call them and tell them that
you have failed. That I won't return.

- Wait please.
- What do you want from me?

I am fine here.
The place is comfortable.

This place is fantastic, but
why not speak with them or visit them?

- And why did you leave home?
- But I live in Berlin.

And how often do you see them?
Every 4 months?

It's not the same thing. We talk
on the phone, we are in touch.

I don't want to stay in touch.
You can't understand.

They know that I don't want
anything from them.

Alright, alright.
Come on, let's not fight.
I only came to stay with you.

And so Hansel and Gretel
kept fighting.