Walk On Water

Very dramatic. What do you say?
You're wrong. There's something
there. You have to keep pushing.

- Stay focused.
- I am focused. What do you want?

What's going on?
- That's my question.

We're finished soon
and I'll be back. Right, Menachem?

When do we start training?
- No rush. Carry on with this.

I'll come back. - Something you're
hiding from me? No problem. I'll go.

- Good morning to you.
- Good morning.

Why don't you join us?
Maybe I can use an egg.
So, where are you going?
- Oh, you're not coming with us?
- No, I really have to work.

I'll join you at the weekend.
- Do you have a nice plan for today?
- Well, we have many options,

we could see Christian holy places,
or the places mentioned in the Bible.

- All that Axel wants.
- There are so many places I want to see.

Haifa is beautiful, isn't it? And I also
want to see the sea of Galilee, "Kinerat".

You seem to know
the country pretty well.

I've always been interested in Israel.
I also want to see the Palestinian cities.

- Could we go to them as well today?
- It's the other direction.

- Anyway, why do you want to go there?
- Why not?

I brought a few of my CDs.
You're my guest.
Let's me see what else
you've got here.