Walk On Water

I'll join you at the weekend.
- Do you have a nice plan for today?
- Well, we have many options,

we could see Christian holy places,
or the places mentioned in the Bible.

- All that Axel wants.
- There are so many places I want to see.

Haifa is beautiful, isn't it? And I also
want to see the sea of Galilee, "Kinerat".

You seem to know
the country pretty well.

I've always been interested in Israel.
I also want to see the Palestinian cities.

- Could we go to them as well today?
- It's the other direction.

- Anyway, why do you want to go there?
- Why not?

I brought a few of my CDs.
You're my guest.
Let's me see what else
you've got here.

Many women singers.
- Only women.
- Why?

I like female singers, when a man sings,
I always feel like there's something missing.

Really? That's strange.
- Who is this?
- Gigliola Cinquetti. She's Italian.

Fits in perfectly with
the scenery, don't you think?

- So, how many children do you have?
- I don't have any children.

But you said something about
teaching your children to dance.

No. I meant the children that I teach.
I work for this Organisation.

We help children of immigrants,
you know, from Turkey and other places.

We help them with their
homework. We read with them.

There's not much
money in that kind of work.

- My God, you just sound like my parents
- Why? What do they think?

- My father owns this big factory,
and wants me to work there. - I see.