Walk On Water

I see. Do you want
to talk to him?

Okay. Okay, bye.
They had a bomb in Haifa.

- Very close to where we passed.
- What happened?

Another of those fucking terrorists
exploded. Four people died.

Shit, that's terrible.
Did you ever think why these
people are doing this? I mean...

how desperate they must be
to go there and kill themselves?

What's to think? They're enemies.
There is a lot to think.
They have mothers and children.

So why do they come and kill
innocent mothers and children here?

There's nothing to think about.
He says his grandfather is dead. I'm
stuck with this pseudo liberal who

talks about suicide bombers' motives.
I almost punched him. - Calm down.

What did he say about
his grandfather?

- He doesn't have one.
- Find out more.

Maybe he doesn't know. Maybe...
Maybe he thinks he's Dolly
the clone-sheep and never had one.

Stop acting like a child.
Maybe you do need a therapist.

I don't need to host
a patronizing German peacenik

for the Foreign Ministry.
Why are you getting so uptight?
It's not like you.

Relax, have some fun.
And if you happen to
learn something...

Whatever. I've got to go now.
- Call me later.

The Kineret.
So, this is where all happened.
Hey, Jesus, they lied to you!
It's impossible to walk on water.