Walk On Water

I don't need to host
a patronizing German peacenik

for the Foreign Ministry.
Why are you getting so uptight?
It's not like you.

Relax, have some fun.
And if you happen to
learn something...

Whatever. I've got to go now.
- Call me later.

The Kineret.
So, this is where all happened.
Hey, Jesus, they lied to you!
It's impossible to walk on water.
Bravo, you did it.
You don't understand, you can't
just come to the Sea of Galilee

and start walking on water.
If you could,
everybody would be doing it.

- You need to prepare yourself.
- And how would you do that?

- Please, enlighten me.
- Well...

You need to completely purify yourself.
Your heart is to be like
it's clean from the inside.