Walk On Water

It sounds nice.
Yes, it's going to be a big thing,
with lots of guests.

You know, my parents live
in this Villa, next to Vansi.

ThatÂ’s where the party's going to be.
But Pia, she doesn't
even want to talk about it.

- Can I ask you something personal?
- Of course.

I've got nothing to hide. Go ahead.
I've always wondered what it was like
to grow up in Germany

and then suddenly realise
what happened in world war two.

Well, that's not such an easy one.
Was your family in the...?

- You're changing the subject.
- Okay, I'm sorry.

To tell you the truth,
it's something we almost never talk about.

My friends, they feel like
it's something from the past.

They feel like it's something
we don't have anything to do with.

- We don't have to talk about it
if you don't want to. - No.

It actually feels right to talk
about it, especially in Israel.

It's just that... Whenever
I try to talk about it, I...

I don't know. I never find the
right words. I feel...

I don't know...
- This is an interesting way to put out
the campfire. - It is the best way.

They teach it to you in the Boys Scouts.
I told you, you haven't been
drinking enough water.

You don't listen.
That was beautiful. Thank you.
You're very welcome.